Ask me anything

Ask me anything

Dec, 27

Dear yuga,

I don’t know what to say.. But I had a lotta things in my mind to tell but it just can’t come out from my mouth.. sighhhhh

Btw, today is your birthday.. So first of all I wanna say Happy birthday to you.. Welcome to the “Legal Age” it’s your 21!! You’re not a boy anymore.. You’re a MAN now (don’t act like a boy start from TODAY, after you read this) Many happy returns.. Wish you all the best. Enjoy your fave hagen ice cream cake and the gift from me. I hope you like it…

Oke then, I agree with you, today was not a perfect birthday.. I thought you had a busy week with your stuff, I just dont want to bother you but hey, can you free just for today? Your birthday is once a year. You can do your work on the other day except today. Don’t you see your gf too excited for that, for your birthday, but you didn’t. Pathetic.

Hmm, I’m so sorry for too-much-complain. I had very bad days lately.. I had no one to talk and no where to go. I wish for a magic come. Is it real, ‘shooting star’? Ooo I guess not.

Well, I wonder and think back for 4 years ago.. Your sweet 17th birthday, it was the best party ever (I got your first strawberry, standing together on a chair while the other people watching us, it was our FIRST KISS in front of people at Hard Rock Cafe :p) And I satisfied to made your day worse then at the end you can’t stop smiling even you almost cry because it was your birthday and you got your lovely fam, best friends, friends, and girlfriend in one day, one moment with your surprised, party, and gift. Oh and I remember there was a live band, was it ‘The Upstairs or Goodnight Electric’? You can’t stop said thx to me, you can’t stop smiling, even you can’t stop hold my hand and hug me.. That was sweet… I wish I can turn back time.. Ohh I miss that moment..

And yep, I start crying right now. I MISS YOU! CAN YOU FEEL ME??? I literally miss the old time.. Hhhhh I just don’t wanna expect too much.

If you read this I wanna say sorry again if I’m wrong with my words.

We’ve been through so far, bitter sweet.

4 years it’s so WOW for me.



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